How to write a wikipedia article about your company

How To Get Me To Write An Article About Your Company

Find a topic that interests you and which has either a bad Wikipedia article, or none at all. This makes the site a huge draw to marketers looking for brand exposure, but it also requires a different communications approach.


Articles that contain different definitions of the topic Articles are primarily about what something is, not any term s. Consider appointing one person as curator, or "gardener," of the wiki.

Our highly credentialed and experienced writers are degreed, full-time professionals, several of whom hold Ph. Otherwise, it will be difficult for readers to find the article. Is this an evolving or a static document.

For more information, see Wikipedia: Invest in Training Some people on your team will be eager and knowledgeable enough to start using your wiki right away, while others will need training to feel comfortable.

There are two easy ways to keep track of changes: I was shocked to learn this. A checkbox on Wikipedia pages allows you to add articles and their corresponding discussion pages to a watchlist.

Remember the only extensions of pictures that can be used are: Will the team or organization benefit from making this information accessible to others. Local-interest articles These are articles about places like schools, or streets that are of interest to a relatively small number of people such as alumni or people who live nearby.

Wikis are ideal for building up a "big picture" based on multiple perspectives, and for capturing information that is evolving or still being agreed. And if you mess up, a Wikipedian will likely fix your mistake.

This will put the image in your article with the original size of the picture you uploaded.


The question remains, should you have a Wikipedia page. There are two easy ways to keep track of changes: How to create a pageand start over. Our dedication to customer service is obvious: This is not hard, particularly if you fall outside the typical Wikipedian demographic male, youngish, well-educated, and living in North America or Europe.

They bring a variety of backgrounds and, perhaps more importantly, understand how the business world works. Emphasize the fact that the wiki tracks the history of each edit, so nobody's work will be lost if someone deletes it accidentally.

The process is complex, and rules must be followed. A Wikipedia article can help with both, I believe. The cons have outweighed the pros.

Copyright As a general rule, do not copy-paste text from other websites. We received differing opinions in our interviews with marketers, PR reps and online community experts.

That means anyone can edit any Wikipedia page. It also minimizes the chance for sloppy edits or breeches of protocol that can tarnish your reputation.

Generally, an article is nowhere near being completed the moment it is created. This means that if you have a file you want to display inside of your page you would type out the name of your file, highlight it, then click this link to embed it.

Wikipedia:Your first article

The next button will treat your font as an embedded file. Try to give local-interest articles local colour. This is what a wiki does best: The Article Now you can start writing your article.

Consider writing such articles on our sister project Wikinews. Aug 15,  · The person trying to reshape your article will have better knowledge of Wikipedia’s arcane cultural practices, and that person will win. You will see the article you created forever host to misinterpretations and false facts, and you will regret that you ever wrote the article.

Consider writing about your organization on another wiki which specializes in information about your type of organization. Specialized wikis often accept a wider range of articles in their subject specialty than Wikipedia does.

If your company has a local or regional presence, look for a City wiki in your locality. City wikis generally accept articles about. Wikipedia is so successful that, at the time of writing, it is the sixth most popular website in the world.

It boasts million readers each month, and it has more than 30 million articles.

How to Create a Wiki

To format your article correctly (and expand it, and possibly even make it featured!), see Wikipedia:Tutorial to learn how to format your article; Wikipedia:Writing better articles; Wikipedia:The perfect article; Wikipedia:Lead section; Others can freely contribute to the article when it has been saved.

Jun 10,  · Editing the Wikipedia Article about You or Your Company. Sam Michelson June 10, In short, editing the Wikipedia page about your own company is discouraged, as Wikipedia wants to ensure its content is unbiased.

Wikipedia:Your first article

Before making a decision regarding editing your own, or your brand’s wiki page, consider the Founder: Sam Michelson. Your best bet for influencing the article is to have a Wikipedia account in good standing and, after identifying yourself as a company employee, be active on the “Talk” page for your article, suggesting additions or corrections you think someone should make.

How to write a wikipedia article about your company
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How to Write a Wikipedia Article: 9 Steps (with Pictures)